REPRO Solutions

EastGen's REPRO Solutions

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How does EastGen's Technician team fit into the REPRO Solutions Team?

Genetic gain starts with pregnancy. Let EastGen's Technicians help with their experienced artificial insemination skills.�

With the value of pregnancy worth over $400, a few conception points can add up. Help maximize your herd's conception by adding EastGen Technician service to your breeding program.

  • Daily stop options available
  • Flexible options for batch breeding groups of cows on Ovsync days
  • Assistance in managing semen inventories
  • Ability to work with Activity Monitoring Equipment such as Heattime
  • Available 363 days a year

What extra steps does the EastGen Repro Team take to help with genetic gain?

Partners in Profitability with our DSS's

EastGen's Dairy Solution Specialists (DSS) job is maximize your herd's profitability through genetic gain. Genetic gain does not occur without first having a pregnancy. The first goal of the DSS is to get cows pregnant in an efficient manner. The second, but no less important goal, is to ensure your cows are mated to meet your herd's goal, making your ideal cows.

  • Assessing reproductive performance
  • Customize mating of cows through ProgGen or Optimate and herd visits
  • Monitoring key reproductive and genetic indicators customized for your herd goals
  • Working with other partners in the herd (nutritionist, veterinarian)

Who is on your EastGen REPRO Team and how do I access them?

We are committed to helping our herds reach their highest potential. EastGen's team of A.I. Technicians, Reproductive Specialists, Dairy Solutions Specialists and Genetic Support reps can help you find any opportunities within your herd to improve performance to meet your goals.

  • Working with Lactanet, on-farm computer data, and genetic and genomic data to help make more informed decisions
  • Monitoring herd performance, to help stop problems before they occur
  • Provide A.I. Technician Service or A.I. Training options to suit the herd's needs
  • Cutomizable mating reports to meet herd goals
  • Team up with the other members that advise your herd (nutritionist, veterinarian, etc), to get more solid results

For more information contact Carole Blackburn at EastGen 1-888-821-2150 or�

What does EastGen have available for people that want to breed their own cattle?

Artificial Insemination Training and Support

Excellent conception starts with great A.I. technique. Focusing on every detail from semen handling to semen placement is critical for inseminator performance.

  • Routine monitoring of owner inseminator performance
  • Provide A.I. technique and heat detection training for new members of farm staff
  • A.I. refresher course for inseminators

How will EastGen's team provide information that will help me make more informed decisions?

New technologies and techniques are continually developed, as a result it can be hard to identify what will work with your herd. That is why EastGen will work with your herd to provide information that will help you make more informed decisions.

  • Trips to visit other herds
  • Classroom sessions on new techniques
  • Technology updates on new products that can help identify what will work on your herd